• LAH Install 03

    Appunti per l’Afro Barocco, 2016

  • World Business, 2016

    World Business, 2016

  • Herald, 2016

    Herald, 2016

  • Il Nuovo Ercule, 2016

    Il Nuovo Ercule, 2016

  • DL, 2016

    DL, 2016

  • Love Split, 2016

    Love Split, 2016

  • Colore Servito, 2016

    Colore Servito, 2016


These large scale photomontages comprised of dense image clusters—juxtaposing popular culture, art historical references, political and entertainment figures, unique Polaroid prints, newspaper clippings, and re-photographed images of the artist’s works among other personal ephemera—evoke complex, layered associations excavated from collective memory. These new pieces emerged from a set of collage studies originally developed by Harris to explore the African Baroque, published in the catalogue of “Nero su Bianco,” a 2015 exhibition exploring contemporary and historical cross-currents of Italian and African influence, co-curated by Harris, fellow artist and critic Robert Storr, and Peter Benson Miller at the American Academy in Rome.